Judgment Business Incubator

$75,000 Capital Required

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Own a profitable business in one of the least saturated industries in the Country.



Why own a judgment collection business?

Even if you have NO experience.

  • Thousands of people win law suits daily. These are all your potential customers.
  • 80% of people that lose in court don’t pay the money they were sued for. Now the winner needs you.
  • You collect the money from the debtors via our efficient, simple and proven methods. You get paid a handsome percentage for collecting.



We are professional entrepreneurs that stop at nothing to reach success. We have been running a successful judgment collection business based out of New York City since 2009. We know exactly what it takes to be successful in the industry, and have all the tools and answers that it takes.


Since we run our own, why would we a sell fully built judgment collection business to you?

We have, and will continue to profit off of the fact that people do not know how to collect court judgments on their own. However, the beauty of this industry is that there is a never-ending surplus of customers. Are you looking for a profitable long-term business opportunity? Then, Judgment Business Incubator is a great business option for you.

The business is proven to work. If you’re serious, then so are we.



What You Get

We setup your entire infrastructure as if you have been open for years. Start your own business today!


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