$200,000 Capital Required

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The Sadkhin Advantage: Why Own a Sadkhin Center?

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Proven System
  • Brand Recognition
  • Lower Risk of Failure
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Ongoing Operations and Marketing Support
  • Relatively Low Investment

There’s never been a more rewarding time to own a Sadkhin® franchise. Today, more than one in three Americans adults struggle with obesity. Meanwhile millions continue to look for safe, natural, and fast ways to lose weight without surgery, drugs, or injections. By becoming a Sadkhin franchise owner you will be part of the 60 billion dollar weight loss market, while helping people transform their lives.

Sadkhin offers qualified candidates an opportunity to run a successful weight loss center(s) based on a proven, stable and profitable system with low operational costs (relative to most franchise opportunities in similar fields). From day one, you will have a great team supporting you all the way.

26 Years Time-Tested and Growing

For over 26 years, Sadkhin has been helping people lose weight.  As featured on Fox, NBC, and ABC, the program offers a natural approach to hunger control while providing an eating plan to cleanse, synchronize, balance and optimize your body for safe and rapid weight loss. When followed, participants typically lose between 5% and 10% of excess body weight within the first ten days and 20-25 pounds a month.

Dynamic Company

Along with our proprietary weight loss program, we hold several trademarks and have developed a unique and effective branded line of Sadkhin® products to help support our client’s weight loss goals.

Our Success and Your Success Go Hand-in-Hand

Once you become a Sadkhin franchisee, you will receive comprehensive training and ongoing operational and marketing support. We are committed to your success from day one.

Leadership Team

Most members of the leadership team have operated their own Sadkhin center, so they understand what it takes to run a successful operation.


Since 1989, thousands have successfully lost weight and rejuvenated their bodies using through Sadkhin centers.  As featured on Fox, NBC, and ABC, our program offers a proprietary and natural approach to hunger control while providing an eating plan to cleanse, synchronize, balance and optimize the body for safe and rapid weight loss.

The Sadkhin weight loss program was founded by Dr. Gregory Sadkhin. After medical school Dr. Gregory Sadkhin began his residency at the Odessa Cardiological Center.  He worked with a team to research the best way to generate rapid weight loss in patients facing life-threatening situations. The first step was finding ways to limit their food intake, the leading cause of weight gain. Patients were immediately placed on a restricted diet, which seemed to work until patients began to cheat. They began eating more than they were allotted due to severe hunger. Discovering the solution to this dilemma became the foundation for The Sadkhin Method®.

Through Dr. Sadkhin’s study of acupressure points, he isolated 16 hunger active points behind the ears that, when correctly manipulated encourage the hypothalamus gland to release hormones, leading to feeling full.  Based on these acupressure points, called the Sadkhin Points®, Dr. Sadkhin’s developed an innovative, natural and effective weight loss program called The Sadkhin Method®.  Individuals, who follow the program, as directed, are able to lose significant weight naturally, safely, and quickly.


The Sadkhin brand has come to represent fast, natural and effective weight loss. In addition to our effective weight loss programs, we offer a branded line of Sadkhin products to support client weight loss goals. Our active R&D department is always developing new products and technologies that support and broaden our core approach to healthy weight loss. Every year, new innovative products, resulting from this research, are introduced to Sadkhin centers to support their client’s weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals. After more than 26 years, Sadkhin clients have come to expect the high quality weight loss program synonymous with the Sadkhin brand.

The Sadkhin Complex®

Is a weight loss system that utilizes The Sadkhin Method®, Sadkhin Therapy® and Sadkhin Points®

The Sadkhin Method®

The Sadkhin Method® is a proprietary method of all natural weight loss combining Sadkhin Therapy® and recommended foods.

Sadkhin Therapy®

Sadkhin Therapy is a proprietary hunger control method of applying Sadkhin Spheres™ behind ears to stimulate Sadkhin Points® to control hunger.

Sadkhin Points®

Discovered by Dr. Sadkhin, 16 biological active points are used to control the hunger. When stimulated, the Sadkhin Points® send signals to the endocrine and nervous systems through the hypothalamus, a small area at the base of the brain that controls the release of hormones, which manage hunger.

Sadkhin Spheres™

Sadkhin Spheres™ are specially treated stainless steel spheres.

Sadkhin Software System™

Sadkhin Software System™ is our proprietary software used to manage daily franchisee operations that include client information modules, reports, POS and analysis.

Sadkhin Brand Products

Sadkhin brand products include proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals, seasonal herbal formulas, day and night teas, day and night soups. All Sadkhin Products are customized for our clients to support cravings and balance their weight loss.


We will provide you with training in The Sadkhin Method®, as well as with training in the managerial, marketing, and legal aspects of our business. The program involves two phases. The first part involves four weeks of immersion/ on-the-job training in New York City.  During the second phase, which usually takes place once you have opened your business, Sadkhin will provide one week of onsite support and training.

Site Selection

We assist our new franchisees in choosing of the correct territory.

Sadkhin Franchisee Support

Once you become a Sadkhin franchisee, you will receive the highest level of training and support from day one and at every step of your growth. Our assistance and support includes, but is not limited to the following:


Our proprietary software allows you to keep track of your client base and to manage your client-related business operations.


Our knowledgeable business consultants will help guide you in the right direction in every aspect of your daily operations, and will also provide you with advice and support for short- and long- term strategic planning for your business

Ongoing Support

  • Operational Support
  • Practitioner Support
  • Site Selection
  • Marketing Support
  • Accounting/Audit/Legal Support
  • Internal Support
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Overall Program Oversight

Our owners come from a variety of backgrounds, but their role remains the same – to be an engaged, dynamic leader with the ability to thrive in our system

Follow a System

As a Sadkhin franchise owner, you will have the advantage of operating a proven business model, with ongoing support. In order to protect the brand and your investment, it’s important that all franchisees owners follow Sadkhin’s system.

Communicate Effectively

The ability to effectively communicate with clients and employees is essential to operating and growing a successful Sadkhin business.

Manage and Lead

Understanding how to effectively manage people and lead a team to meet specific goals is vital role among Sadkhin® owners.

Set Goals and Measure Progress

Savvy Sadkhin franchise owners are motivated by results. They recognize the value of setting and achieving short and long term goals. In addition, they regularly measure progress and adjust their method of achieving their goals accordingly.

Help People

At its core, Sadkhin® is about helping others live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle through our proven system of hunger management. Franchise owners who have an earnest desire to help others are likely to attract and retain more clients.

Perpetually Engage in Marketing

In today’s competitive weight loss environment, perpetual marketing is a fundamental part every successful Sadkhin franchise unit. At its core, marketing is simply about educating people about your Sadkhin Weight Loss Center. Successful franchise owners regularly plan, implement and evaluate their marketing program based on information, materials and tools provided by the franchisor.

Financial Management

Practicing sound financial management is an important role for all Sadkhin® franchise owners.

60 Day Process 

Phase 1: 10 Steps to Ownership

1.     Review the Website

2.     Fill out a Franchise Questionnaire

3.     Initial Interview/Welcome

4.     Participate in Live Webinar

5.     Receive FDD/Review/Discuss

6.     Discovery Day

7.     Final Interview

8.     Sign Franchise Agreement & Approval

9.     Welcome to The Sadkhin Complex® Family! After signing your franchise agreement, you’ll get your welcome information packet and jump right into the “Start Up” Phase.

Phase 2: Start Up Phase

61 to 120-180 Days

1.     Site Selection

2.     Prepare Location

3.     Select Key Team Members for Training

4.     Corporate Onsite Training

5.     Hire and Train Staff

6.     Open Your Business

7.     Soft Opening

8.     Promote Grand Opening

Sadkhin Franchisee Qualifications

To be considered as a franchises candidate for a Sadkhin Complex Franchise, you must meet at least the following criteria:

  • 21 years of age or older.
  • Legal resident of the United States of America (for locations in the US).
  • You (or the practitioner that you will hire to practice The Sadkhin Method® in your franchised business unit) have the knowledge and experience to operate a business.
  • Have not filed for bankruptcy in the last 7 years.

Successful Owner Traits

  • Strong sales and marketing capabilities
  • Basic knowledge of the human body and its functions
  • Past experience in a nutritional or health-related field is a huge plus
  • Vocal advocate of The Sadkhin Complex® system of health
  • Natural ambassador of healthy living through The Sadkhin Method®
  • Well-developed people skills
  • Great “bedside manor” with participants
  • Mature and stable
  • High personal standards:  excellence, honesty, integrity, etc
  • Able to meet initial investment requirements
Franchise Fee $60,000
Royalty Fee 10%
Brand Fund Contribution Up to 2% Gross Revenue
Local Advertising Requirement Up to 2% of Monthly Gross Revenue
Multi Unit Financing Available
Total Estimated Initial Investment $136,285 to $247,985



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